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Why Dental Implants are the Best Choice for Tooth Replacement

The beautiful thing about replacing your lost teeth is that you have choices. Since every case of tooth loss is unique, so is every treatment plan, and your replacement teeth will be as personally suited to your smile as your natural teeth are. One thing that all tooth loss cases share in common, however, is the need to replace the entirety of the lost tooth or teeth, including the roots that were embedded in your jawbone. As prosthetic tooth roots, dental implants are the only option that can restore the vital function your tooth roots once served, and your Dentgap implant dentists, Dr. Nilash, and Dr. Nitash Patel, can expertly place your dental implants and attach your lifelike tooth replacements to the sturdy anchors.

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Looking at the Whole Picture

Replacing the visible, functional portion of your teeth (called the crowns) is essential to restoring your mouth’s ability to properly bite and chew, and traditional dental prosthetics (i.e., dental bridge, partial, and full denture) are designed to do exactly that. What they are not designed to do is replace those teeth’s roots, which may not be visible, but can dramatically affect the integrity of your jawbone and the rest of your oral health. The impact from biting and chewing stimulate your teeth’s roots, and that stimulation is your body’s cue to send your jaw enough nutrients to support and sustain those teeth. The loss of each root results in a diminished nutrient supply, and overt time your jawbone can deteriorate and lose its hold on your remaining teeth

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Every Structure Needs a Solid Foundation

Aside from helping you preserve your jawbone, the most noticeable benefits of a dental implant-supported prosthetic lie in its mimicry of your natural tooth structure (root-and-crown). Traditional dentures are held in place using strong adhesive; bridges utilize the teeth adjacent to the gap for support; partial dentures consist of a complex system of hidden clasps. While all of these support systems have proven effective, none come close to the stability and security offered by nature’s own design. Like your natural tooth-and-root, a dental implant offers a secure anchor that’s embedded within your jawbone for maximum stability and comfort.

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How Dental Implants Improve Your Overall Appearance

If you’ve lost one or more teeth and wish to replace them, then you should consider anchoring your dental replacement to one or more dental implants. As implant dentists , Dr. Nilash and Dr. Nitash Patel have extensive experience restoring our patients’ smiles to their former glory, and today they explain one of the most appealing benefits of dental implants—the preservation of your aesthetic appeal through the prevention official collapse.

A Complete Tooth Restoration

The beauty of a dental implant is that it replaces the roots of your lost teeth, while other dental prostheses only replace the visible crowns of your teeth. A healthy tooth root, which is embedded in your jawbone, serves a number of different roles, from supporting and sustaining your tooth to helping preserve your jawbone’s health and strength. When you bite and chew, stimulated roots to signal your body to send your jawbone enough nutrients to support your teeth. When the roots are lost and the stimulation ceases, the nutrient supply to your jaw diminishes, and in time your jawbone can deteriorate, leading to the shrunken-jaw appearance known as facial collapse.

More than a Prosthetic Tooth Root

As a prosthetic tooth root, a dental implant’s more obvious advantage is that it provides your dental prosthesis with the stability enjoyed by a healthy, natural tooth on its roots. However, a dental implant does more than hold your tooth in place. By replacing your lost tooth roots, an implant can help restore the stimulation that your jawbone depends on for its sustenance, preventing the nutrient deficiency and jawbone deterioration that can lead to facial collapse.

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